Congratulations on getting one step closer to joining an extraordinary community of startup ecosystem builders. We call our community members “connectors”.

We welcome new members to our community of connectors on a rolling basis. You can take the lead for your city or country, or join an already existing group of community builders. You can start your journey as a connector right here.

There are two ways to become a connector.

  1. First, you can enter through the Startup Ecosystem Builder Fellowship program, this is a targeted program for young professionals to learn about startup ecosystem building. This program is offered every quarter, 4 times per year.
  2. Second, you can join through a referral of an already existing startup ecosystem builder and connector. We operate through referrals in order to keep the quality of our community high.

Both entry points enable you to enter the Community Development Curve and unlock certain levels. You start your journey on Level 1 and can achieve milestones to become an Ecosystem Builder or Leader in your country or region.